Vitality Capsules

Vitality Capsules are made of whole herbs packed in Veggie-Caps.

They gently and effectively cleanse the body of harmful substances that can cause symptoms associated with premature aging. Each bottle contains 90 pills.


Each person finds their own dose by starting with one capsule at mealtime and then increasing by one capsule each day until he or she has 3 bowel movements daily.

Many people prefer to take the full number of capsules at one meal. The individual can continue this number of capsules on a daily basis.

Dosages vary, as some people only need 1 capsule a day and others may need 10. In addition, as water and vegetable intake are increased, the number of capsules needed to achieve 3 bowel movements a day decreases.


While it is safe to take Vitality Capsules for extended periods of time and many people have safely taken them for years, they are not addictive. Once a person corrects the lifestyle factors that interfere with proper bowel function, their bowel, liver and gallbladder function improve.

There is no dependency. Vitality Capsules contain powerful herbs and spices. The herbal blend is balanced so that cleansing does not interfere with your daily routine. The ingredients work together so that desired effects are maximized and discomfort is minimized. Cayenne pepper is no longer an ingredient in Vitality Capsules.

      • Garlic: This common spice enhances circulation so that bothersome chemicals and organisms can be transported to the liver and nutrients can reach tissues. It also has helpful antibiotic properties that disable parasites. This makes it easier for your immune system to dispose of them. Garlic is a stimulant that helps fatigue. The amount in Vitality Capsules is so small that odor is usually not a problem.

      • Ginger: Ginger reduces inflammation, prevents blood clots, aids with the circulation, lowers cholesterol and relieves nausea. It benefits digestion and helps the function of the intestines. It has been reported to improve colitis, colic and dyspepsia.

      • Aloe: Has anti-inflammatory anti-viral and laxative properties. It strengthens the intestines as well as improves gastritis and ulcers.

      • Senna: This is a laxative which aids in emptying the intestines. Its effects are balanced by the ginger. It’s concentration is limited and this means senna is effective yet gentle.

      • Cascara Sagrada: Encourages movement of the bowels and tones muscles of the intestinal tract. Enhances excretion of bile and corrects congestion of bile ducts. Aids chronic indigestion and chronic liver disease. The presence of ginger in this formulation decreases unwanted effects of cascara sagrada and makes this formulation suitable for long-term use.

      • Barberry: Strengthens the bile ducts, increases bile flow and reduces inflammation of the gallbladder. Cleanses and strengthens the liver and gallbladder system. Helps the liver do its work. Helps the kidney and spleen as well

      • Clove: Clove has been added to the Vitality Capsules formulation for its mild anesthetic property, strong antioxidant and strong anti-parasitic properties. It increases the comfort of vitality Capsules yet enhances the effectiveness.

      • Turmeric: Is a strong anti-inflammatory agent that enhances healing and increases circulation as well.